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Christmas decorations.

In my childhood, decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year was a holiday in itself. Dad took out an artificial Christmas tree from the closet, a box with ornaments and garlands. Mom and I opened the boxes: there was cotton wool inside so that the ornaments were soft (they were made of glass), the remains of confetti and needles from a live Christmas tree, which dad once brought for the new year and it crumbled so much that we regularly stepped on these small prickly needles. I remember these ornaments well: cones, mushrooms, fruits, characters from Gianni Rodari’s fairy tale, a clown with a flute, squirrels, dogs, etc. But every time my mom and I opened these boxes, we saw these ornaments as if for the first time. Sometimes my mother bought new sets for the Christmas tree, usually they were just beautiful balls, they were very attractive with their novelty and brilliance, but the old glass toys were like family, so cute, somewhere already shabby, shabby, but very dear to my heart.

This year we have made a small series of New Year’s toys “like from childhood”. The set includes: bear, hare, wolf, fox and squirrel. All are different, each is unique. The ornaments are made of porcelain, painted completely by hand with glazes and fired at a temperature of 1220 degrees. We wanted to create such ornaments that can serve for a long time and every Christmas and New Year to please their owners. And so that every time these Christmas decorations are taken out of the box, they make you smile, plunge into childhood and become a little kinder.

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